I guess this is where I write about myself or what the Blog site is all about. The hardest part lol. Whelp I just felt the urge to share with people my ups and downs while being 30. I had a blog when I was 25 and reading it now, I’m like WTF was I thinking. I swore that by the time I was the age I am now, that all my shit would be in order. The big fucking wedding, perfect kids,white picket fence American dream! And here I am an 30 year old , single mother living in an awesome second floor duplex , surviving check to check with a Master’s fucking degree , oh and did I mention single. I’m not even in the single size spectrum, you know the perfect size 6 , flat stomach , nice full chest and firm ass. Nope I have the ” Yes, I had a kid and no it’s not baby-fat”, size. But any who Life is Fucking amazing, I laugh at crazy struggles that I once faced before and cry at shit that I’m over dealing with, but that’s life. I just want you to join this roller coaster ride with me.

P.S I have a foul mouth get fucking use to it!

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