30 and counting ?


          c54a1b51bedb7edfe5a6103853198a90             Remember the little black book, filled with name of the man you slept with? I thought it was so important to write down everyone that I had sex with, like it was a  must. Who the fuck came up with this shit and why? Like, as if I want to sit down and remember people I wish I could take back. Once you turn 30 you end up writing down “ Cute guy from Sports bar”or dudes Instagram name. I mean I’m sure most women had their “ I don’t give a fuck season or years or My heart was broke, so close my eyes and enjoy the moment, sex.” So, the shit starts to add up. But why do you feel compelled to sit and write this shit down, what is the benefit in it? Unless you have to figure out who gave you that STD or whose baby this is, I don’t advise you to create a little black book. And if a man must know your body count, he is too young for you. Why the fuck do you need to know what I did before your ass….


I mean shit , some people don’t even make the count. There’s rules and levels to this shit. If I didn’t enjoy the sex, you don’t count. If I didn’t cum, climax or orgasm , you don’t count. Plus we have to take in consideration of what mood or period of your life you’re in. There’s guys I‘m sure you walk pass like,OMG, I really gave this corny ass dude some booty, Lawd what was I thinking?! We all make mistakes doesn’t mean we need to write it down. Shit, I barely want the mental picture of the shit. At one point, High top Reebok and finger waves were the shit, time changes a person’s perceptions in life.

No one is questioning Kim K, or Blac Chyna’s body count after they been wifed.( IDC now that I thought this one through, are these ladies good examples lol). When they say you can’t make a hoe into a wife ,I’m sure they are not referring to how many people you fucked. They are referring to ,if you’re a freak hoe that sucks and fuck any and everybody. There’s a difference. A hoe isn’t about what you do, it’s how you do it and How you carry yourself.Body count adds up in many different ways. If you hit your 30s and still have under 5 sex partners Congrat -U -Fucking -Lations.


4 thoughts on “30 and counting ?

  1. Been there done that October 25, 2017 — 2:32 pm

    The past is the past and your number should never be shared with your partner under pain of death. No good can come of it. High, low or off the charts take it to the grave. A man’s ego is egg fragile and no matter how he acts upon hearing your number it will change the way he sees you. If his feelings don’t matter the fuck it; print your number on a t-shirt and wear it proudly.

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  2. I agree that the “body count” doesn’t matter. The only person you sleep with that really matters is the person you decide to sleep with exclusively or the last person you choose to ever be with. Most men want a freak but marries a prude due to their own insecurities. I love a woman that is open and honest sexually. The conversation about sex should be about exploits and willingness to explore, purely establish compatibility with a potential partner. Yo do you boo boo, and as long as you respect yourself you will attract others that will have respect for you, regardless of body count.

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  3. I feel like we all count subconsciously whether we know it not and nobodies count matter it’s the time in between each body for the woman the world would look at.


    1. And this is my point no one should give a flying f*** what the world thinks


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