Mind Over Matter

So I ran Monday night! As I was running, I was thinking how much running is like life. You know , Hard!

No really, life and running has so many similarities. You don’t just hit the pavement and run 3 miles in 20 minutes. You have to build yourself to that point. At first you may not be able to run a street block or a half of a mile. You tell yourself that you’re not a runner so you could never see yourself running 3 miles.

Then, as you push yourself mentally and physically, as time goes on you see yourself doing 1 mile, 3 miles, and now you’ve signed up for your first half marathon. Most people sign up for a 5k first but you get my point. Once you put your mind to something and put effort towards your drive, BOOM, you’re a runner. Now 3 miles comes as a breeze and you’re collecting medals from 5ks, 10ks, 15ks , half and full Marathons. You may join a running group, have a running partner to motivate you, or you’re  a solo runner. But running is now your thing, you have mastered your breathing, your pace, your motivational music, and the pre/post meals of your liking. 

Now, here’s the life part. Shit happens. Maybe you had an injury, mental health issues, or just fell off on your workout/ healthy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, at times we stop doing things we once loved, enjoyed, or was just  good at. Just like in life , at times we fall off, we lose a job, car, house, fail a class or whatever shifted in your life. We all know the hard part about falling is getting yourself back up. You now know you have passed where you were, start over and  get back to where you were in the first place. Hopefully , that made sense because it did in my head. I always think of it like I’m going backwards, just to get back here to surpass this level.

Anywho, the shit is hard. So as I’m running 3 miles Monday, I stopped like 5 times to walk , I didn’t have the excitement or the motivation that I once had. How it sucks to not be able to do 3 miles when you have done multiple races and miles. I could wake up at 5am to run 3 miles and end up doing 6 miles at one point. So how am I struggling with these simple 3 miles, shit I stopped twice in the first mile alone.

Mentally this was messing with me. I had to call my mother, who is like a running Queen, for motivation. I use to run with her before I moved to a different state. She pushed me to run, even when I didn’t feel like it, as soon as I hit the pavement, I was excited to just run.  I talked myself into stopping , I became so hard on myself. Then, I got into my car and thought about what I was doing to myself. How do you expect to just get out there and run 3 miles when you haven’t ran in months. Just like in life, I have to take one step at a time. My mother stated that I should try running at a slower pace or shorter distance. I know this was true but in my mind I use to do 13 miles , so I should be able to do 3.

We think because we have degrees that we should be working career jobs. We may end up working at Target for a while until a career job comes through. We might have once had a 3 bedroom house with a huge yard, and now have to live in a 2 bedroom apartment.  We can go from having it all to hitting rock bottom. But just like running it’s hard to get that drive or motivation to keep pushing. Because us runners know it’s mind over matter. If you really want something, yes you can pray for it, but it takes work, hard work. 

So just like in life, keep filling out those applications, going to interviews, working and saving. Push yourself mentally , speak it into the universe, manifest what you want. But don’t give up, that 1 mile, will become 3 miles and again you will become that runner. That person who can finish a half marathon or even sign up for a full. Life has its ups and downs…. Never stop because you know getting back on track is hard. Focus on the positive steps that you are taking and build momentum from there!

Also if you’re in the Tri-state area , sign up for your first 5K. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-annual-movesomethingrun-5k-event-tickets-90321037655. (It’s my mama’s race event)

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