For my ladies, so men don’t read beyond this point unless you want to be totally grossed out.

Not too long ago I posted a question in my group chat, I wanted to know why everytime my period goes off I have two days of bad smells. Like, dude I’m a very clean woman and no one wants to ever smell down there. They started asking, what I was eating and what products do I use.  Now I do know that I eat like shit and need to drink more water. I also informed them that I recently started using organic pads and tampons. The cute ones that come in a fancy clear container that states; design without chlorine bleaching, synthetic pesticides, fragrances or dyes. So I really thought I was doing something. I was just spending a whole lot of money , anywho; my cousin and sister in the chat suggested that I try the menstrual cup.

So of course I do research on the pros and cons of the cup. I didn’t care too much on the different types I just wanted the most affordable. Yes, I’m cheap! We all know facebook and IG are spying and now have ads popping up everywhere. I seen one for a great price in bold $16.99 and there I clicked ORDER!  Lets just say best Ideal I had for my virgin since I started steaming her!

I order the two pack which had one for heavy flows and another for light ones. It came in the mail in a cute pink silk package. I read the directions and YouTube how to use it just to be on the safe side. You have to boil it first for cleanses and safety I guess. Now inserting it made me scared for some dumb reason as If I don’t put..Nevermind you get what I mean. So I relaxed, laid on my bed, opened my legs and started my new journey.  

Can’t lie at first I felt the shit all day and yes I totally believe it was all mental. Same as when you first started using tampons.

I posted the question on Facebook as to what women thought about the menstrual cup, since I was currently experimenting something new to embracing my womanhood. (okay, I don’t know if that made sense but it’s just sounded good lol) Some ladies had bad experiences;stating that when they took it out to dump some blood that it was everywhere like a horror story.  I had mostly good reviews and ladies wanting to know more about it. I can tell you I didn’t experience any horror films in my bathroom. I think those ladies maybe needed the one for heavier flows and they were using the lite ones. It took some time getting use to but I love it. I actually prefer it over tampons and pads. But I don’t have a heavy flow so I could be bias. I say try it for 3 cycles before stating that it’s not freaking amazing.  It’s cleaner, don’t dry the vagina,eco-friendly, It’s cheaper because it reusable and best of all…. My vargin is back to smelling great after my period goes off!

So, ladies it’s time that we throw away the pads and tampons and leave them in our 20s, we are now big girls!


I hear you can have sex with them, I’m so not getting into that part . Do your own research woman!

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7 thoughts on “Period

  1. Hey Esh! I do keep hearing great things about the cup but haven’t tried it. I’m actually glad to hear your testimony about it because we as ladies don’t share enough info with each other about these kinds of things. It’s important to be communicative and share ideas. And even though I’m sure my teen/you adult daughters would rather me not be so honest with them about stuff, I make it a point to talk to my young ladies about this kinda stuff too even if they eye roll me, lol.


  2. I have never used it before, sounds interesting, but idk cuz I’m super clumsy, I would be the one who spill it all over smh….Idk thanks for the information I may try it out…I did hear about it on Black Ink..when Charmaine had one… what brand did you use?


  3. Ugh Thankyou for this post. I too, have experienced this issue before. Only i don’t use tampons only pads. My cycle is irregular though so I’m not sure how the cup would work for me ,but, I’m willing to try. I love these type of talks. I could go on and on about my menstrual lol


    1. Just keep the cup with you it very small. So you’ll be prepared when it comes on. Definitely try it!


  4. Thanks for this post! Lots of information that many women may want to know.


  5. Which one did u get? I think I’m gonna try it. U should see if u can get an affiliate link and post it maybe make some passive income


    1. I have to upgrade and pay inorder for me to do an affiliate link . UGH lol I thought about it.


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