Dear Age 33

Most people write new year resolutions during January,because that’s the start of a new year. Well, I write my new year resolution during my birthday. I mean it makes sense to me, it’s a new year age which should come with a plan to change and a plan of act. So, I write my age a letter. I don’t know about you but it made sense to me.

Dear Age 33,
As I sit on the couch with my unicorn headband birthday hat, after eating the rest of my birthday cake,while quenching my thirst with a bottle of wine. I’m think maybe it’s time to do a little more growing up.(I wrote this line for humor purposes).
I need to learn self discipline. This is my year to overcome my weaknesses and to face them head on. I want to make eating healthier a lifestyle, change not just a quick fix diet or cleanse. I’m getting older and have to realize eating healthier will benefit me in so many ways. I need to leave the pizza, snacks and late night drunken/hangover foods to my everyday drinking and partying days. Now that I’m this 33 year old partying is a little different. I rather chill then to turn up. When I do go out and get hella drunk, I regret it more the next morning. Well, I know my body surely does. I want to enjoy going out without drinking and stop going to places that I need to drink to enjoy. Like, have you ever been to a club sober? I have and it’s no fun. It’s like a party on the movie, the behind the scenes clips were they’re really moving slow and dancing looks weird. Or maybe that just me.
I want to make better decisions when it comes to what I want in a relationship or even when I’m dating. Stop settling because you’re comfortable. If that person doesn’t truly benefit you, keep it moving. I need to enjoy my alone time more, read a book, learn something new or do something fun that doesn’t need to be videoed. Be on my phone less and live more. I need to become the person that I want to be and not what I think I should be for others. I need to believe in me more.
This list could go on and on but I just wanted to share the major parts of my 33 year glow up action plan. To be a better me each year, and make the next one better than the one before.
Have you ever thought about writing down your birthday new year resolution? Maybe you should try it and see how much you have changed since last year. You already been your age before but you haven’t been this new year age… Let’s see what it has to bring! Happy 33rd Birthday to me!

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12 thoughts on “Dear Age 33

  1. Veronique Murphy April 25, 2019 — 5:04 pm

    Great goals Esh. I too aspire to be better. So many goals so little time and energy.. Gotta keep pushing till the wheels fall off. Good read chick!! 👏🏾👏🏾


    1. You always support, Thanks Luv!


  2. Nice blog Topic! I’ve never started a resolution from my birthday. I don’t think I have ever made a resolution lol. I just try to better myself as I go. I think I’m a try to do it differently for next year. Start my resolution from my birthday 💪🏾. I believe you will accomplish everything that you plan to do. Keep growing and being the person that you want to be. That’s what makes you dope 🤘🏾🤘🏾


    1. Thanks Friend! And yes setting SMART goals with timeframes are very helpful. We all need some kind of order!


  3. Now just why can I relate this article so much and I’m not even thirty yet 🤣🤣. You have a great point with Bday resolution. Next yr turning thirty I’m going to try it out.


    1. I use to lie about my age. I wanted to be until 30 so bad like it was a bad thing to be. But I started this blog/ public diary of my beautiful journey of aging through my 30s …


  4. what an awesome idea I never thought of doing that but I think I’m going to try instead of making a New year’s resolution I’m going to make a birthday resolution and I definitely want to do some of the things that you wrote about like healthier living eating stuff like that it’s hard to do when you don’t have a partner or even a friend that wants to make those changes to doing it alone you need to be very strong and on a straight and narrow path in order to want to be healthier you….great read 😁🥰


    1. That’s why I added self discipline. I need more of that. Because those friends dont shit what you eat! You have to want to be healthier for yourself! and others who needer ur motivation will follow!


  5. Happy Birthday!! I’ve never really made a resolution for my birthday but it does always cause me to reflect and think about what has been going well and what could be going differently. And just want to say Yassss to enjoying your alone time, learning something new, reading more and less phone, more living! You got this, girl!


  6. Happy BIRTHDAY again, great goals! Similar goals with eating healthier and being fit. You were definitely one of my inspirations with being more fit. Seeing your post running and doing other athletic things, I was like that’s so decent, my fat self need to start running😭😭😭 at least start off with walking. 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ But I have been getting up after dropping my daughter off and going down Kelly drive. It’s definitely therapeutic. Much success to all endeavors Each. You’re really dope!!!!


    1. Thanks Sis! And walking is a start. I couldn’t do 1 mile when I first started. I thought I would never run board street race. But after putting my mind towards that goal, I did 4 half marathons. You can do mostly anything you set your mind to do. Trust the Process 🖖


  7. ❤️ this idea!!!!


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