Does Size Matter?

Housing hurting can be bittersweet but draining but a rush all at the same time.  It’s like dating. You date around, see something that looks good on the outside but needs a lot of work on the inside. You have to bid to win the one you want.  You know how they say love is a gamble, so is buying a house. Then eventually you believe that there can’t be anything else out there and end up settling. Or you find the one you love and don’t want to look any further.  But just like dating; house hunting is worth it all. The risk, lessons, failures or/and accomplishments.

So, While looking for a house in my new state, I had a life, house epiphany.

Why am I a single mother of a preteen looking for a 4 bedroom house that’s at least 15,000 sq ft. with a two car garage? Living over my means with a one income household. I mean if your a single doctor, by all means go and get  a 3,000 sq ft., home. But, I’m talking about me , who don’t make the high end of middle class income.

But why did I feel the need to want this huge house?

Because I wanted to take a picture in front of my huge house to show off my accomplishments. To have space for big house parties,cookouts and a guest room. I’ve seen so many other people live like this, so why not me. Why can’t I get me a big house because I work just as hard?

I googled the house that I was raised in and where my parents currently live. I stared at it for a long time. We didn’t have a huge house growing up.  Out of the four children none of us could say that we had a bad childhood. So this made me think, It’s not the size of the home but the love that it holds. We grew up thinking our house was huge and we never complained.  Most of my friends share a room with their sibling. It was normal to see these home because most home in the neighborhood look like mine.

Now, that I’m older , I believe that I must have a big house or question what did I really accomplish in life.

So, if you know me you know I love research.  Its helps me debate with people and be less likely to lose. Yeah, I had to laugh at that to but it’s true. I went to research articles about why getting a smaller house is beneficial.  I learned that I’ll save way more money by getting less square feet. This means less,cleaning, decorating, heating, cooling and maintaining. Shit even getting a roof fixed is cheaper, less roof!! And now more spending on things I actually want to do.

I changed the filter on my Trulia app to a mortgage I could afford and a square foot that will fill the love of my small family.

So,how important is more space to you?

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7 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?

  1. Not so important. I want to be comfortable with the ability to still travel and not be “house poor”. That being said, I still have desires that need to be met. Listening to you, I hear growth. i’m excited to see your new home.


  2. I’m. Or even thinking of buying a house…I’m thinking about buying a van and living in, live and not have any bills other than gas and a cell phone?? Sign me up.


    1. With no children this will work. I thought about it but wanted stability for my son.


  3. You’re Blogs always spark meaningful discussions. Size doesn’t matter to me. At this point long as I’m in a better neighborhood lol. I do want a finished basement and closet space though.

    I definitely agree that nowadays people live outside of their means to flaunt, especially on fb…..


    1. I got a 3 bedroom so that I could make the extra room into a office/closet Okkkk lol


  4. Size does not matter at all. The real question is how much house can you afford? Not how many bedrooms guest rooms and bathrooms do you wish to have! Paying a low mortgage is key, having extra money to get repairs done and remodel how you want to is the best feeling you’ll have as a homeowner. Living below your means is even better, especially when you have kids because what you save will come in handy one day so keep on saving that extra money you’re not spending on your mortgage it will add up. Home is what you make it, lots of love, lots of memories and definitely lots of laughter with your loved ones, that’s the most important thing. Some people live in mansions and are unhappy because it’s too much space they don’t even see each other…i want to be able to see and hear my kid’s every moves lol…even if i had money like that i would never buy a huge house, if my kitchen is big Im a happy lady because that’s where most memories are made, kitchen and around the table everybody eating and laughing and talking.


  5. Sorry for the late response to this post. The size does matter. I have a homie who him and his wife has a 7 bedroom and 4 bathroom crib. It is only 4 of them. His concern is the amount of money he has to pay on energy bills and property taxes and is this situation sustainable. The crib was a steal compared to what they were looking for but does it make sense in long term? It is one of those things were u have to really sit down and go over all with ur significant other.


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