I’m just not that into you!

People always assume that just because your single, it’s because one of these reasons apply:

1)You don’t love yourself enough or you need more time to “find you”Like, what does that really fucking mean? So, I’m single implies that I don’t love me? Trust me I had a lot of time to find and love myself. If I find me anymore me and my inner me going start getting sick of one another.I argue and feed myself enough, I want someone else to take the job.

2) I’m dating all the wrong people, maybe I need to change who I’m dating.This one grinds my fucking gears. When I date it’s not the same type of person. Listen, I don’t even have a type at this age. I just want you to be stabled and fuckable. So, that advice is horrible and how you know who the hell I’m dating?

People have all the advice in the world as to why you’re single. There’s actually no answer, God just didn’t put that person in the position to meet you yet. Shit, I’m fucking amazing and my ass is still single. I may need medication at times but we all have flaws. Everyone has flaws you just have to find a person who’s willing to work with them or accept them! I still haven’t gotten to my point. The title is “ I’m just not that into you”.

Okay, so I’m always hearing that I don’t like the “Good Guys” . You know, the man that has his shit together according to what’s on paper. The guy that would do anything for you, give you the world and shit. The guy who always compliments you, cares for his children(or has none), bank account sitting right and has a good relationship with his mother. So, why don’t you just be with him? Only thing is, I’m just not that into him. I can’t force myself to like the “good guy”. Shit, ain’t my fault he just don’t make my pussy wet (yes I said that shit) or that I get bored when we talk. I tried many time to like the good guy. I even took one or two serious but you can’t force yourself because everyone is tired (including you) of you being single. I’m not even saying that I’m looking for love. I’m one to believe if you vibe with someone you can fall in love with them. I don’t even think you need love to be married.

What I do believe is that I MUST be sexually attracted to you. Good sex goes a long way. You can love and like someone all you want but if the sex ain’t there them feelings will fade away. You think I’m lying? People do the craziest things for sex… Good dick will have a woman go crazy. As good pussy does to a man.

I just haven’t found my reformed bad guy who is tired of the thug life and wants to settle down with my ass. I tell you one thing though, I will not just settle for the good guy because I’m lonely or it just looks good. I just need to hit up Ms. Badu and ask her how she turn these thugs into good guys !

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4 thoughts on “I’m just not that into you!

  1. Hmmmm,…. I do believe as you said that you just haven’t come across the right one.


  2. It sucks when someone into you but your not into them. It’s like the good guy ends last kinda thang. Yes I’m single and some days it’s annoying. It really sucks when your into someone but there not into you. The reverse role. I get sick of hearing “you was the one that got away”.. which comes after they realized your worth but it broke your heart in the mist, now its hard to forgive. People are so complicated.


  3. Awesome Read. Great perspective


  4. Yea this is so true Esh.. it’s like we want a guy to treat us nice and love us…but if he’s too nice he is whack …its like we need him to grip us up and talk bad to us…idk I’m complicated. I want a nice guy with some swag, and a little thuggish lol .. ONE DAY OUR PRINCE WILL COME….BUT When??


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