Alter Ego

You know how you google the definition of a word and they give you a sentence to understand it better. Well I did that and this sentence was given “In the flesh she is a million miles from her photographic alter ego”. That was a heavy ass sentence and I just had to share. It explained how I have been feeling lately. I think about this person that I want to be with so badly but can’t. Well, I shouldn’t say I can’t ,but I’m trying. I’m sure a lot of people will understand what I mean once I explain it further.

My Alter ego is becoming this person while trying to suppress my super ego.I want to be more of the nonchalant type of person. A person who can learn to just let shit go. I want to be more patience and soft spoken. I want to be able to control my anger and clearly think things through. I want to be like those women who can leave a man and never look back.You know that one sista who can break up and bounce right back. You can’t tell me that ain’t a gift or a skill.

We all see ourselves as someone else at times. People want to be less or more of something, to control certain behaviors. It’s something that I struggle with daily. The hardest part is getting people to see you as this new and improved you and not push your buttons to entertainment your past behaviors. It’s really an inside job. One of the hardest jobs a person can have. The requirements are: the ability to adapt to change, self-discipline and self-control. Most importantly the will to change. Which comes with growth and life experiences. We want to have certain characteristics that we believe best fits us at that time. We may grow out of certain behaviors to adjust. I remember reading about the monks, Buddhist or religious people of the past. I like how many of them lived as peaceful people who take what they can from the universe and give it back. We read about these things and want to live in peace as well. So how do you become this better you? How do you stop giving fucks and really live out your best life?

Daily I’m working on giving less fucks, only caring about shit that needs to be cared about, aka my own business. I try to stay off social media as much as possible, watch less of the stupid box aka TV, dance randomly, smile often, have lots of sex , herb and red wine. To stretch, run,walk, meditate, pray, eat, do more and do less as much as possible. Now write down what you want to change. Speak it out loud as to who you want to become and go for that shit. My goal is to become a modern day hippie…. and that I shall be!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Alter Ego

  1. ❤️

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  2. DEEP…
    It’s hard doing this thing we call life, no manual to help guide anyone through it. We live and learn on a daily basis, given we are taught to lead by example hmmm what if the examples that were taught weren’t good. Well in my opinion that’s when going with your own thoughts may come into play. I am aware of my strange way of thinking my compassion level is almost zero due to me not given a dayum about what anyone thinks about me. I’m not where I would like to be in life right now, yet I get it keep on working on me for me. I commend individuals who recognize themselves not afraid to admit what they want out of life and go for it.
    Ambition and drive is what I see in you even if you think I don’t see it I do!!!! I know for sure my patient level needs work my verbal and tone level needs major work. I’m getting better at placing a curve with my tongue for some stuff not all lol. So on that note until next time enjoy life!!!! XOXO


  3. I read this and I’m like damn I do struggle with that inner me. A lot of people do. It definitely requires a lot of self control. I think this article will help people identify with things they’ve been feeling because it clarified something for me.

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  4. ❤️ this… we are all a work in progress, on a journey, trying to master our highest self , letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us and doing more of what makes us happier and brings us peace. I wish you well on your journey.


  5. Nice and well said, i can relate to
    Somethings also sometimes you just have to do what is best for you.


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