People ask me when am I going to write my next blog post. It’s kind of hard to do when I’m always on the go. Someone once told me the shortest part of your life is childhood. We rush to be adults and not realizing that we will be an adult forever. And you know what comes with age.. Yea , Money, sex and freedom to eat ice cream in the morning if you want. But no one warned us that we will have to work daily, think hard, become an accountant and our own secretary.

I now have a love hate relationship when it comes to money. We need it to survive , but could care less about the lack of it, then realizing having more of it makes things easier. People say more money more problems. Yeah tell a poor person that shit. If I had more money I could afford more vacations, massages, therapy and the best quality of everything. When you sit and think about it money can solve a lot of your problems. People say good credit is better than having money. Shut the fuck up, you need money to build good credit, genius!

Money isn’t the only problem with adulting.

Paperwork, documentations, all that shit. Like, I have to fill out and submit shit all the time. Why is being an adult so damn hard. I don’t even understand half of the shit my financial advisor talks about when its comes to consolidate in my students loans, steps to getting a house, how to build my credit, and we not gonna speak of a damn budget. So, you going to tell me that I not only have to get up 6am to work 8:30 to 5pm, but now I can’t spend my money? I can’t buy those cute shoes, ball out at the bar on friday, or take trips when my girls hit me up. I have to sit down write all my bills out ,without crying, and manage to figure out how to spend the $200 I have left over. Who the fuck came up with this system?

A good friend of mine commented under one of my facebook statuses and wrote something that made me think. She (Hey Connie)wrote;” the system is set up to prey on the working class and keep the poor where they are.”Whelp, Make sense to me.

Some people will say just own your own business, shit that takes hard work and brains too. Where’s the option of making money and working when you feel like it. Why do I have to work 40 hours a week and who thought of working 5 fucking days out of the week. I think 4 would be great, make Friday a whole weekend day. Why do I have to get up so damn early, I’m better when I can come to work when I’m ready. I wouldn’t push it through , 9:30 is perfect. And why can’t I wear converse to work, their totally work attire.

Adulting isn’t fun, all you do is work to pay off bills, credit and shit. Ohhhh, Don’t try to take a vacation, it’s the worst. You come back to more work, from the days you were off.

Okay, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just tired or lazy or just venting. But, I did not sign up to work,pay bills then die.

Parents! Not only do we work all day , we have to come home, cook, clean, help with homework, and much more. I really just want to go home put on my pjs and jump in my damn bed.

Maybe I just need a vacation. Oh but I can’t afford that right now, I have to adult some more. You know the whole buying a house process is hell. You have to save every dime and the rest goes to making sure your credit is close to 750 as possible. I will not even speak of student loans. That line alone almost made me want to cry.

But hey Like I said maybe it’s just me and my other working class peeps. But, I won’t let any of this stop me from putting half down on that bill, go to the mall and buy myself something nice, plan a trip, and dip in that saves to live a little. Because I will NOT JUST BE, I WILL LIVE! BROKE AND ALL!

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4 thoughts on “#Adulting

  1. Fuck adulting. I’m with you on this one right here. The need for money and all the other things we consume on the daily basis just to have top either buy it again or do it over. From reading and looking at pictures of the early days, I would rather live in a society where we didn’t have all the materialism. Oh, fuck a credit score. I’m straight cash with everything!!!!


  2. I totally agree with adulting smh !
    I think it sucks that we work to pay bills, I wanted to be an adult soo bad thinking when I finally become a adult I can get a job get my own place buy a car not realizing all of that comes with responsibilities like electric, gas, car insurance car note smh ! I wanted to work to go shopping and take vacations like I seen on tv🤦🏽‍♀️, silly me😂, adulting is nothing like a dreamed about as a kid! It sucks


  3. Awww shucks! I feel honored that you mentioned me.. and that my comment impacted you! I have such a deep respect for your intelligence and opinions Masha’Allah !
    I have to agree adulting is a constant battle between doing what you want to do and doing what you need to do.. and for lack of better words.. it sucks! But I tell myself… heavy is the head that wears the crown…and as much as I don’t agree with how the system is run.. I have to get in the game if I want to play .. the thing I struggle with is balancing work and home .. how do you make a living without forgetting to have a life?


    1. Finding a job that doesn’t feel like work. Finding something you enjoyed doing and getting paid to do it. That’s my search… My happy medium


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