Is It 9:30 yet?

No one told me about the effects of partying in my 30s…

Okay we’re not old and we’re far from it. I’m sure I made that clear but honey let me tell you, going out is hella different. I could go from work, to happy hour, to bar hoping, to a club then a afterhour in one day. I could drink 5 shots, 3 beers and a long island and still manage be ready for more. I would dance all night in my 5 inch heels, dropping down and getting my eagle on and drop n gimme 50. Ever since I turned 30,shit just dramatically changed. I’m tired by 9:30pm on a Friday. Now it’s happy hour then bed. I can only dance 30 minutes. However, If Im super drunk and feeling myself I’ll dance all night. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wake up the next day feeling like I was jumped. I get drunk after drinking three coolers. Drunk sex becomes me falling asleep before we even got to do the nasty.

I am at the point in my life where I rather go on vacation to actually relax, laying on the beach and finish a good book. Don’t get me wrong I will turn up on vacation but I will also make time to turn my ass down. I use to go on vacation and party nonstop. Get back to work needing more sleep then I did the week before.

( I just randomly had a thought, sorry this is just how my brain works)…

Funny quick story.

My sister’s and I took a trip to NOLA for the first time. We had so much shit planned. Soon as we got to New Orleans we hit up Bourbon street and started drinking and dancing. We had a good ole time. The next day we hit the streets early and went to a music festival. Soon as we got back to the hotel at like 6pm we all wanted to take a nap. It’s my birthday weekend so I know we wanted to party hard. Once we were done with our naps, I asked my younger sister if she wanted to go back out. She replied, I’ll go if you want to. My older sister said the same thing. I got the vibe that they wouldn’t mind if I didn’t want to go out. When, I announced that I didn’t want to go out, they were so relieved and started laughing. At that very moment I knew I hit 30 and rather sleep then party.

It’s like when your at work and you’re super duper tired but you get that wind of energy later on.. well that’s your 30s. We are in the stage of always being tired and wanting sleep more than anything. Naps are important, getting 8 hours of sleep and a peace of mind. I heard that at the end or our 30s and the start of our 40s, we hit the wind of energy! So, I’m okay with my 5 year or so I just wanting to get all the sleep I missed in my 20s. I can’t wait to be the turn up mom at my son’s college party. Oh he think I’m not crashing one he got me fucked up lol. Moma just got her wind back!

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5 thoughts on “Is It 9:30 yet?

  1. OMG!!! This is so me!! I’m good for happy hour and ready to be home by 10pm and in the bed lol. I often find myself saying where is there a good day party at??? I always said I rather be on vacation rather than a bar ( often say this as I’m at the bar yawning lol). This post couldn’t hit more at home. Thanks for sharing.


    1. You hit the nail on the head, this is me all day. Not saying there is anything wrong with going out and turning up, but at my age my body is like no you will not. I be all types of tired and just want to sleep all day. Guess what one day of rest is not enough lol. I am definitely with you at the age of 38 I would much rather go on vacation and relax then partu.


  2. Beyond true…. Friday after work I’m getting my nails done bi-weekly and than home to sleep…
    My body cannot due it lol!
    However!!! I can’t find a man this way 😩


  3. yess girl I’m an old head now I guess. I definitely can’t hang. By 9:30 I be sleepy and tired. If I drink drink it takes about 3 days to feel back to normal. lol ugh your still young tho I’m 37.


  4. I agree! It’s hard to stay up. I can’t drink like I use to either. One maybe two drinks for me when I go out. Now if it’s my birthday I’m getting smashed lol. And please don’t crash your son college party lol your going to have his friends wanting a cougar. Lol


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