Read Receipt


Text me back or die!!!

Okay that maybe a little extreme, but if I text ya ass at 1:30pm you have until 1:35 at most before I’m thinking maybe he just died. Okay, again too extreme lol.

I recently read that research shows individuals read an SMS within the first four minutes of receiving it. So, statistically speaking, I’m super right. Don’t start a text conversation if you can’t keep it up. Just be up front and state that you’re not a texter and you prefer phone calls, Marco Polo or Facetime. But, don’t have me searching my read receipt. At most Imma just think you had a very busy day but if this continues to happen imma think you’re just not interested. It’s 2018 and yes texting is serious business. It’s a way of communicating without actually looking like you’re on your phone at work or in class. I feel like if I text you I’m not bothering you as much or maybe it’s not a need for a full long conversation.


Texting has major ups and downs to it. Don’t get me wrong at times you can text someone for hours and walk away thinking two different things. But hey people always say that reading is better than watching TV. I learned that if I read into a text too much ,I’ll just pick up the phone and ask what you meant.

I enjoy being able to use just the right word in just the right way. I like the excitement of what he might reply back. The cute heart and kissy faces. Random, I’m thinking about you text. Even people who hate texting like shit like that. And yes, sending nudes is considered a text lol.

I like the feeling of texting something that I wouldn’t have the heart to say and putting my phone down scared to read the reply. I sometimes have someone else read it to me.


At times I could write a paragraph and expect one back and get the reply “k” . Now, I’m thinking they’re being passive aggressive but you could really just despise texting. Which we could avoid if you just state that texting isn’t your thing. Anywho my point is, don’t have me waiting for a response all day. And I’m letting it be known I’m a texter, talker and facetimer so get used to it. You may get all three in one day. In due time you’ll learn to love it so much that you’ll just rather be with me all day. Okay, this maybe wishful thinking. Readers get over yourselves, I’m a single woman blogger lol. Expect shit like this!

In this generation ,texting is the start of getting to know most people,we just gotta get with the program!

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8 thoughts on “Read Receipt

  1. I can relate to this. I was laughing and agreeing while reading the entire post. I enjoy a great phone conversation but during the day while working I’m only available by text and I like to communicate throughout the day.

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    1. Yes! Im glad someone agrees to my somewhat madness lol!


  2. I also agree texting is cool, but when the whole conversation is texting that gets on my nerves. Nowadays they don’t know how to pick up a phone and talk like I want to get to know you, hear your voice not just text. So I get it I do like texts and random texts and kissy faces, but if the whole relationship is just texting that’s too much. Today’s society does not like to talk.

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    1. I can so agree with you. If texting becomes unclear or too much imma need you to call me. Im also gona need you to know how to handle a conversation


  3. Great blog post! I think many can relate to this. I’m the person that text and forget to send it or don’t reply for hours because I was multi tasking at the time lol.

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  4. I only enjoy texting if I already know the person. If we are getting to know each other a text here and there is fine , but not all the time. I need to hear your voice at some point and time.

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  5. I don’t mind texting but a lot of stuff is taken the wrong way through text. I’ve had that problem too many times. The worst feeling is sending a text only to get a response hours later lol. I rather talk on the phone. I text a lot but phone conversations are better to me.

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