Social- Media Fast

Every year I decide to take a much needed social media cleanse. I think we all need that break from looking at our phones religiously. I always believed that the shit fucks with my subconscious and daily behaviours. You can disagree if you want but hey some of us just like to lie to ourselves. We’re not always conscious of it, but we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. You must remember people and yourself as well only put on social media what you want people to know. So, this month has been great and I actually enjoyed moments that i didn’t feel the need to share or capture.

In the beginning it’s hard because after deleting all social apps from my phone, I caught myself still looking at my screen every second of the day. I started to scroll at shit that wasn’t there lol. I have never checked my email or looked at my photo albums so much in my life. After a few days, I stop feeling the need to have my phone in my hand all day. My phone like, never died. See those apps be killing my phone’s life.

I started to have more phone conversations with family and friends. Because when I was on social media I felt that everyone watched my insta-stories, snapchat and Facebook Timeline. So why would I need to update them personally!

I couldn’t have a moment not shared with the world. I felt that everyone needed to know and see that my life is awesome as well. But in all reality my life was pretty simple and awesome. I haven’t had the time to stop looking at other people lives and see how blessed I was. I know as a blogger its difficult because you need people to be apart of your experience someway. Like, how can I keep my followers if my life it’s awesome all the time. I became so excited about people inboxing, texting and calling me about how my life experiences helped them. So, I felt the need to keep posting because in my mind the people need to see this. But, I still needed my social media cleanse. I needed that break, I felt the addiction and I didn’t like the feeling. I felt that I was living for others and not myself. I was trying to keep up with the cool parties, drinking and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Since social media became popular and addictive in my mid 20s. I was so concerned about how others seen me or what others were doing with their lives. I compared myself daily and at first I didn’t even realize it. I was wondering how people could afford such luxury in their lives. I started questioning what I was doing wrong and why wasn’t I living like that. Yea, we all know people fake shit on social media but we aren’t thinking about that part. I even questioned how I looked and shit I look good lol. I wanted a different body and lifestyle. But, funny thing I enjoy and appreciate what God has blessed me with. So why am I questioning it? Shit, why do I feel the need to now have this perfect life?

Free mindfulness

I don’t think I want to go back to social media. I like not being in the loop. I don’t know what’s going on in everyone’s life, who’s engaged, having a baby and what vacation they just went on. I don’t need to know these things daily. I can check social media once in awhile because I don’t want to be totally lost. But, I can go without daily news feeds. We’re not even gonna touch the vicarious trauma effects on people. People hate when I start talking like a social worker. Anywho, I feel free from judgement and comparison. I can do nothing exciting all week and I’m okay with that. I feel less like a hopeless single person because eight people just got engaged on my timeline. I don’t feel the need to want another baby just because everyone is having such cute little bundles of joy. I can plan a vacation once a year and not feel the need to go overseas instead of Florida. We all think these things and if you been following me from the first post, I am one to actually state the shit. It’s life and social media isn’t fake it’s real people behind real phones. We have the control to just take a break when needed! I Urge you to set your mind free and take a break!

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  1. This is so true!! I’m going on a cleanse!!

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