You know how you have so much going wrong in your life? Like, when it rains it poor type of shit? You just start questioning God like, okay, I get it but what’s the reason for xyz? Whelp, I just had that moment, so much wrong was happening back to back. I stopped being positive, the energy of it was gone. I felt that I had no more fight in me and I just wanted to break down and cry. And I did just that, I flopped on my couch and cried. It felt great. We all need a good cry here and there. Why hold things in and let them build up?

I tried to figure everytime out and put the pieces of my life puzzle together. It took me a while, shit that was last week and my ass just, came up with the answers.


that we try to run from, always catches up to us. I’ve been doing it for years and now at age 32 I think it’s time to grown up and face responsibilities. With great responsibility comes hard work. I’m not about to research it but whoever wrote that shit was on point. Like, I already have to work 40 plus hours a week doing responsible shit, I have to also be responsible at home. GOSH!!! I decided that I’m going to over use the word Responsible just so it can stick lol. Because for many years I dreaded that word. I master how to live check to check because I wanted to live how I wanted. I wanted to be like everyone else, trips, partying daily, looking cute etc.But that shit tends to add up and we have to face the music. We are working to survive and not just to live. We have to pay bills, insurance, credit cards, daycare etc. Why because that’s how we continue to be able to get more and better things. We learn to take a break from fun and start saving, budgeting, paying shit on time. And sooner than we know it we’ll have money in our savings, rainy day funds and have our credit go up.I didn’t’ care much about good credit until I seen that shit means everything.

I convinced myself that I am not here to just work and pay bill’s but honey at some point you gotta pay the piper.

So , as I start this new journey in a new state and working on this better me, I need to grow up take responsibility and just chill. Go to work, cook at home, bring lunch to work, make my own coffee and use coupons. I look at it this way I chill for a year (or longer) and by next year, credit up, saving on feek,no uncontrollable debt…now I can plan a few trips, looking for a house and whatever my self discipline leveled me up to.

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2 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. I love your blogs ! ❤️


  2. “There’s no succes without responsibility”. Never! Lol… that’s what I grew to learn a few hrs ago and it has changed my life. Dave Ramsey also changed my life and credit score.

    You’re doing great. And you’re growing. It’s growing pains… especially when you don’t know how tomorrow will look, but In Sha Allah, it will get better. Just think about it… it always does.
    Also, someone taught me about delayed gratification and being adult. Children want the right now & do things for instant gratification so any time you’re struggling about decisions and being grown up, think about what a child would do and do the opposite.



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