Taking Risk

I was going to start this post with a cheesy quotes about change. BUT .. ummm they all just bore me. So, it’s 2am on a Friday night and I can’t sleep. Of course my mind is racing and my sleeping pills still haven’t kicked in since 12pm. So here goes a post that I just had to write. Plus ,Hey it’s been a while.

Racing thoughts;

When do we leave our hometown to venture out for better opportunities? When do we leave a dead end job for a new one? When do we come to the conclusion that our degree choice may have been wrong? Or come into terms with switching careers?

Most importantly when do we take risk, life changing risk?

I thought the first day of kindergarten would be hard. I had to adjust to meeting other kids my age and not have Mommy around.Let’s not even speak of this new environment, a scheduled life and transitioning.

Now I’m in my 30s and want a change in my career and environment, I feel like I’m 5 years old again. So many thoughts race through your mind, when you think of change. We fear the unfamiliar. We have become so accustomed to what we know , that we only make small changes. The ones that will not dramatically change our daily traditional routine.

Yes, I get a new job every few years but it’s kinda doing the same thing. I may even move from the city to the suburbs about 45 mins away. These are small changes. But at what point in our lives do we take risk or a leap of faith?

Anything new will cause you fear,but guess what… you’ll adjust to that. Just as you did when you were 5 years old and walking into a whole new scary world.

I would find myself google searching my career in other states. I was sure that other places would offer me a better salary. I would think, why would I do 7 years of college to be content with settling for any job. Luckily for us, we are in our 30s which means that we are still early in our careers. So moving won’t alter much in our lives. Sometimes you have to make the decision to relocate for better opportunities. Yes, I am close to my family and friends. The Starbucks lady knows my name and what I want when I walk in. I know where to get all the cheap drinks before heading over to free before 10pm. I can get around through all the back roads. I can also see half of my classmates from High school or even elementary. But Hey 32 years of the same shit. I’m not afraid to learn a new route,a new coffee spot or meet new people. You’re never too old to make new friends. And that town your leaving,trust me ,it will still be there when you return( to visit).

We even keep relationships too damn long because we are comfortable. There’s no positive growth in being content.

So; it’s time ladies and Gents to put on our big girl/boy pants on.Search that dream job you’ve been wanting to have. Move to that city that you google is the best place to live in 2018. Get the car note, that your afraid to commit to. Leave that bad relationship, that your comfortable but not happy with.

The longer we continue along the same pathway, the more difficult it is to imagine going down a new one. Change your mindset… then make a plan or shoot for the stars and take a leap of faith.

It’s been a while since I wrote a new post. I apologize but I’m was working on a few changes in my life.

Talk to you soon,

A woman on a mission

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14 thoughts on “Taking Risk

  1. Glad to hear your making a change not only in your environment but in your life as well. I’m all about change and positive growth. You’re right,we as humans get too comfortable with the norm and enjoy our daily routine. We as human beings were destined for more. I heard somewhere life actually starts outside of your comfort zone when you’re able to take a risk and break the monotony. Regret is a hard to leave with along with unanswered questions and what if’s. I share your same sentiments with people should be more daring and unafraid to take a leap especially if it can change their life for the better. You won’t know unless you try and you won’t learn and progress if you don’t fail. When I first heard you were leaving I was sad at you(lol joking) but I’m interested in seeing where this new journey takes you. I hope it’s filled with laughter good vibes and positive energy


    1. Oh and I tend to keep you posted. I will be writing about my journey and how it all begun! I’ll have post on my new job and space… more to come. It will feel as if I never left


    2. You rock and are brave, I’m such a punk to move and be alone. But I agree with you I’m also tired of the same old routine. Same old jobs, the same life. It’s like what’s my purpose in life. Thinking about going back to school too but what if that doesn’t work either. I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure. May God bless you and keep you safe. You’re very beautiful soul and a great mom.


      1. with everything we do in life comes with risk. You think school will better you then sign up for classes. You are the role model and example for your children


  2. We get so use to the norm that we are afraid to try something different. Most people are comfortable where they are. We all obtain the strength to do better but a lot of us won’t. It’s a big world that was created for us to explore it. I’m glad that your making this move. I wish you the best of luck. “Live fearless”


    1. You still gotta tell me why you miss me in person lol


  3. You def hit the nail on the head. It is so easy to stay with what’s comfortable. From relationships to where we live to jobs. I’ve definitely embarked on my “YOLO” journey this year as I am entering into my 30s in September. Taking multiple trips, loving … leaving… registering for classes. All that! Lol. Thanks for the great read. This was wonderful and inspirational.


  4. Really enjoyed getting a look into your head. Truth is, you’re only writing what most of the world is thinking. I pray that find that no matter where you go on this planet, you realize that you never to far from God for him to use you. I truly feel that we feel most like ourselves and get to lead an adventure filled life when we let him lead! He wants you to enjoy ever breath you have On his earth.
    Good luck! And always try to stay connected to your source. He will never lead you wrong:)


    1. Gods Plan . I totally agree


  5. Sometime change is required and the only way to make a change is to take a chance.

    As always, I enjoy reading your blogs.


    1. And as always I’m grateful that you always leave a comment 😁


  6. This was a powerful message, I always admired your truth and your ability to speak it. All too often we get “comfortable” in uncomfortable positions but life is about change. If we can learn to adapt to “uncomfortable” environments that leave us in uncomfortable positions in life then we can ultimately learn to adapt to anything. You continue to be a beacon for so many, I appreciate you.


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