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I may have heard about this detox- steaming for your vagina before but I kinda didn’t pay any attention to it. But lately my vigina and I haven’t been getting along. BV (upset delicate pH balance) is a bitch and all women get it. I just get mine more frequently due to my birth control. Okay you maybe thinking TMI but shit it’s normal and natural.Like no one ever wants to speak about their vigina, pussy , kitty kat , whatever you call her. No ones vigina smells like fucking roses and maybe you eat pineapples and strawberries everyday, but trust me we all have a natural body odor. Your vigina is suppose to smell. Oh ,sorry if you didn’t know this fun fact. Quick Bio lesson, the vagina has its own microbiome(environment) filled with different bacteria and yeast. Which are mixed and has your garden smelling less like flowers and more like odors that needs to be tamed. Shit, we all sweat , wear jeans, accumulate moisture and sometimes forget our panty liners. Okay so back to my detox-steaming home remedy of the vajayjay experience.

So, I was at this women’s health expo and it turned out to be wack. I had to support since I was there , so I purchased some herbs for my vagina. I thought this could be pretty cool and what they hell it’s natural and I wanna smell as close to a rose garden as I possibly can. They lady tried to explain to me how to use it but I wasn’t really listening. I was going to youtube it anyways. I also grab this natural apple cider vinegar wash, I’m like fuck it why not go all out for her. ( V-steaming cost like $175 at a Spa, I think NOT, lol)

I couldn’t wait to get home and use it. But , first I must youtube and google this shit. I don’t want my pussy to fall off, lol.I must of youtubed ten different videos to really ensure that I got the point. So,once I understood that you just boil hot water, put the herbs in. Sit over the bowl, but the chair, must have an opening like a open-seated stool. Use a towel to create a tent over the bowl and just steam your vagina. So, all I had was a crate and I sat my ass on that. I put a trash bag over the crate to insulate the bowl and steam. I was super duper hype to try this shit. I seen one video where the sista lit some incense , candle and made her area screamed positive energy. And I’m all about that positive shit.

So, after heating up my herbs, which you can purchase from the grocery store. Basil, Oregano, Lavender, Rosemary, Mugwort, Garden Sage, Peppermint and Lemon balm. I’m sure your local Whole Food has all this shit. I heard that this steaming maybe able to cure fibroids, yeast infections,BV, decrease menstruation and etc. I’m not clear if any of that is true , I can’t attest to it but I know one thing, it felt great. It’s felt good to relax and have a spa day just for my vagina. I don’t know if it really did anything for me medically but I know it’s an amazing feeling mentally and emotionally.

Like I was explaining, after heating up the herbs, sitting on my crate and wrapping a blanket around my waist to hold the steam in, the relaxation begun. I turned my lights off in my room and turned on my head board lights. I put on slow music, lit some incense and candle, then mediated. I could feel the steam touch my lips then sweat off. It’s felt like something great was going on down there, not sexually but spiritually.I felt like it was more hydrated. I sat naked on this crate for about 45 minutes. I felt that I had to share this shit because it was a great experience. I recommend women doing this for themselves and for their girl ( vigina lol). We need to take more time to care for her personally. You should try doing it right after your period goes off. It just makes you feel empowered and rejuvenated. Afterwards I took a nice hot bath and I just felt great. I will be steaming at least once a month! And for thoses who are actually having sex this year, let me know its effectiveness in enhancing sexual pleasure, if the rumors are true.

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11 thoughts on “V-Steaming

  1. Sounds like a dope experience. I felt that way when I use the Dove bodywash with the exfoliating beads. It was definitely a game changer.


    1. You got me on my drive to work cracking the f up


  2. Well…that was entertaining to say the least. Kudos to you for being open and sharing your experience. Growing up, my parents always strayed away from anything sexual in nature and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. It took me awhile to come to the conclusion that being open about the subject can only lead to understanding and growth. Self maintenance goes far beyond your hair and how you dress. Our entire body needs attention.


  3. I’ve heard of this and have always wanted to try it. Never thought of doing it myself. I’m going to try it. Great read and recommendation.

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  4. Omg I’m going to try this how often should it be done. I get BV all the time as well and I just hate it 🙄 I want it to go away and never return so I will start doing it soon. Text me the ingredients


    1. I got you Boo. I also heard that you may want to try drinking alkaline water it balances out your pH and start taking a slow releases multi vitamin. BV fucking sucks , So I’ll try anything to get rid of it. Make sure you ask your GYN first through, Don;t blame me for your shit falling off lol.


      1. I drink Akhlaline water all the time we buy the most expensive one that essentia shit I use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil nothing helps me😩 I’m so tired of it coming back every few months it literally stresses me out 😣


      2. Girl I 100% feel you. Maybe we need to change our diet


      3. And I talk to my GYN all the time she can’t help me🙄, she doesn’t know what to do about it! I told her I’m considering getting a sex change penises don’t go through ANY OF THIS SHIT!!! THEY CAUSE IT BUT THEY DONT EXPERIENCE SHIT!!!! I WANT A PENIS😂😂😂😂😂


  5. I’m so glad you decided to talk about this topic. It’s a shame how embarrassing and stressful it is. It’s so great to normalize it so I know it’s not just me ugh!! Currently trying coconut oil but I wanna give this a try as well! Thanks!


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