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        What is the first thing a female does when she meets a guy and is interested in him or likes him, yes you guessed it, she checks all his social media accounts. First being facebook

(That’s where you get most of the info), then IG to see his pictures(see how he living, dressing etc).Yes, you’re looking , searching, invest-ti-fucking-gating, but most of all, you’re checking to see if he has a SIGNIFICANT OTHER/GIRLFRIEND/WIFE!

Now, if I’m looking through his TL on Facebook and see that he has no pictures of him with a women then okay. I am not talking about him and his aunty,cousin, or pretty ass Ms. Popular little sister . I’m talking about the girl he’s holding tight and making silly faces with, the one he looks like he is out on a date with. I’m talking about  his girl, baby moms he still fucking or ex that he still texting. If he post her, it’s like he is showing the strength of their relationship.

To me only a weak relationship cannot withstand people online who have  this “power” to end your relationship with their two cent, opinions, judgments, inboxes, etc.  So, ladies if you have convinced yourself that your relationship should be “private”, that a post doesn’t have to validate the relationship, or doesn’t mean he cheating.Stop!!!


Stop feeding me the shit he feed you. Tell that to the chick searching his page, his family that has never seen you, or the ex that’s still hitting up his phone. No, These pictures do not validate your relationship, but I’m sure if you tag him in a picture and he is in any way upset, baby, check ya title and make sure it’s secure.

How does everyone get these

relationship goals” memes and pictures? Maybe because a couple took a picture, he either posted it or she tagged him. Either way, it was posted.


I’ma keep it 100 with you, I consider myself a hell of a catch.  I worked many years to build the woman that I am today. Educated, beautiful, sexy, funny, from a good family and so forth…So, if we are together like a couple, I’m posting pictures and not having anxiety while doing it. You should be proud to show me off!

I totally understand that some men don’t really use social media like that. I’m talking about the ones that post frequently  like 89% of the other millennials on this planet earth. He posting his food, clothes, party pictures and many flicks with his friends/family, but not with you? * insert thinking emoji face LOL

I know a guy personally,  who would post pictures of his children , homegirls who just had a birthday, vacation pics, but never his girlfriend/mother of his children. I don’t believe people even think the children have a mother lol. They have been living together for years but he never post or speak of her. At the same event and posting separate pictures. (Now, I have to play blues clues) Shit, to my  recollection, they were never a couple. This, maybe okay with some women, but not this one. If you can’t post US or me…..WE DONT GO TOGETHER.

Someone stated that we should keep our relationships private and marriage public. OH, so I have to marry into a fucking picture?

Post me cause one day we could be relationship goals. ( I’m just fucking joking calm down people)

But seriously Is not being posted on his social media a relationship deal breaker?



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6 thoughts on “Social Media Presence¿

  1. It’s Not A Deal Breaker For Me. Its Not That Deep…


  2. My comment on this post will be strictly from my prospective; I don’t want to speak for all men.
    There are so many different elements to this topic so I will try my best to separate my thoughts without being all over the place.
    Most of the time in relationships (if we really like or love someone) we tend to ignore obvious signs.
    You don’t have to trick yourself into believing that, you have to be private about you relationship in order for it to work. If a man doesn’t post you on his social networks it’s definitely for a reason. He wants to appear to be single; or he doesn’t claim you.
    He doesn’t want to put himself out there because he’s concern of what people think; or he may have reservations about you.
    Could a man be in a loving committed relationship without posting about it? Yes, but if he’s posting about everything else he cares about and not you, that’s a clear sign.
    I can’t speak on whether or not it’s a deal breaker for women, all relationships are different; what works for someone else may not work for you. I think you have to be secure enough with yourself and your relationship to be able to handle social networks. If you post about your relationship, people will be in your business, if you don’t post about your relationship, people will speculate and still be in your business. If you have a strong bound, no outside influence should be able to come between.


    1. Whelp I can’t argue with this comment I agree 100%


  3. Social media not a deal breaker, to many people in your business is never a good options. together with someone or not the people closest already know the deal.


    1. Maybe its just that I come from a two parent home where my mom post my father all the time and its so cute. I want that kind of love where my spouse is so in love with me that he doesn’t care about others judgement. My last relationship my ex would post I love you on my wall. I didn’t have to always tag him in post cuz he would post our pictures. What are i so afraid of that u care so much if people see who u love. I have many married and long term relationship friends that post each other and I don’t think twice about it


  4. You kind of mentioned it within the text. If a guy is very private and he hardly post any details about his life, then it May not be a big deal if he fails to post you. As long as he not going out of his way to avoid posting you. But if he happily posting about aspects of his life, it’s not be convenience he left you out. I would question it to review if we on the same page. Initially I didn’t post my fiancé, because I knew this one was a little more serious. I was conscious of my family and close friends seeing him on social media before the introduction. In the pass I would be more likely to post Male friends that didn’t means much or was just friends to me. I was backwards


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