I’m 31 years old and can still relate to the song “young, dumb and broke” until he sangs the part about being a Young dumb broke high school kid. I’m like hold up but I’m in my 30s I shouldn’t be able to relate to a song made for high school kids. I’m about to have a high schooler myself,(Well , in a few years, but you get my point). I should be trying to manage a mortgage, a car note, bills, food, clothing, entertainment, gas, kids, kids clothes, nails , hair , lunch funds, coworkers bday card funds… and the list goes on. But yet, I’m struggling, trying to make it until next payday. I’m fucking sick and tired of being broke the day after I get paid. Oh and I found out it’s not only me. I asked my co-workers to purchase candy for my son’s school fundraiser. Everyone , simply stated they had to wait until payday. I missed a few people on payday and had to see them that Monday, Guess what, their asses were broke.

Do we work to live or live to work? I keep hearing you have to learn to save. How the fuck can I save what I don’t have….Extra funds. When I try to save for a rainy days , the shit tends to pour.

Let me give you a quick example, I tried to save just to have money in my saving. You Know, soon as I was comfortable with my saving account, my transmission in my car went. Whelp there goes my life time savings. Even , simpler than that, I have a piggie bank on my desk at work, oh trust me, I spends that money every time it get real at work. ( Reason , I wrote Coffee funds on it).

I know we are all sick of living check to check, only getting a good lunch within days of getting paid. Non pay weeks your ass is eating leftovers ,using Mcdonalds coupons, and eating cups of noodles. Feel like I’m I back in college.

I don’t even want to start with the most scariest word of them all…CREDIT.

Like, how i’ma build something from nothing. Credit is like weight easy to gain bad credit and hard to tighten it up. I swear it took me forever to build my credit up and one new job later, I’m back at the rejection phase of my life. I now can’t get shit on credit ugh. I can’t keep up with the one credit card that I have.

I’m not ashamed to express that my ass is a single broke mother. My shit gets paid but whatever happened to my petty cash. I’m at the point of looking for a husband just so I can go half on these bills and shit.  Two incomes are better than one,( great title for another post).  You start borrowing money from yourself, because you’re sick of asking, your father, mother,sister, brother and homegirl.

I’m sure I’m not the only 30 year old trying to keep up with the “ simple things’ in life. I now have a happy hour budget, and yes there’s nothing wrong with pregaming at this age.

Things you hate to see when you’re broke, Mail (I swear the gas bill comes bi-weekly), Phone bill ( yes I’m always on the payment plan), E light on your car dashboard, mechanical issues and the check after them much needed drinks.

It’s not us, don’t blame yourself. Blame fucking society , Why do we get paid less than the cost of living?

Next time, we have a group dinner, I’m paying for what my broke ass ordered and I’m out . lol! Judge your mother, but I can’t afford to pay for your 5 drinks, when all I ordered was a appetizers.

If you can’t relate fuck you and your savings account.

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