Beauty Has No Size!


I’m not a size 6 anymore, and I’m okay with that.Screenshot_2017-10-30_085237-1


Twenty-five  was one of my best years in my 20s. I was a size 6 in jeans.My weight would go up and down but the biggest size I would go up too would be a size 8. I had no stomach, well it wasn’t flat ( still had some baby fat) , but you get what I’m saying, I could wear high waisted jeans without a little muffin showing. I could party all week long, eat fatty hangover foods and Drink until Mr. Ugly became Mr. Fine, and still be a size 8. If I wanted to lose weight , I would go on a quick diet and workout. I would be right back to my size 6 , phat ass and small waist. Owww.


Now, Lets fast forward to My sexy 31 year old size 12 ass. I thought that If I ever made it to double digits, I would just die. Well, Look who’s still alive and made it to weigh 185 lbs. And Guess what …. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. We are not always going to be a fucking size 2 or even a 10. This is what I call my adult weight and I love the fucking skin I am in. So, People who want to say “Hey, girl you gaining weight“ or “ You need to lose a few pounds”, I am the grown woman size and I don’t have to be slim thin to be sexy. Ladies , there is nothing wrong with a little weight. Shit, this goes for my fellas as well, ain’t nothing wrong with that sexy ass man belly. I think it’s hot and comes with wisdom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, them 6 packs can, always get it. ( Hey, Kofi, Zaddy)


First, of all  let’s me get this off my chest.You fucking thick slim bitches, I hate you. Like, how God just gonna make you have full breast, thick thighs, hips and shit , without being out of shape. I always, envied them. Like, That’s the full package. We women may get a nice size butt with small chest or a small butt with big chest, but we rarely get the full packages. So again , damn you bitches.


I say , whatever size makes you happy is the size you should be. I’m sick and tired of having my biggest fight in my life, be with my weight. You are not going to be the same size as you were in high school, so stop comparing  yourself to that prom picture from 2004. Stop believing that every “Pretty” girl on Instagram is slim thick or thin, They have apps for that lol. I have a girlfriend that I see all the time in person and be thinking, Damn she is so out of shape. But honey, let me tell you on social media you would have never guessed. Some ladies mastered the high angle picture. Shit be having women who are a size 18 looking like a size 10. DON’T BE FOOLED, better yet don’t compare yourself to these pictures.


Now that I’m older, every other month I’m on some kind of diet. I had friends who did the juice diet, apple diet, detox tea diet, no meat, etc. We try any and everything to be smaller. Sis, Don’t starve yourself! I’m not saying , go ahead fuck eating right and working out. I’m saying be happy with who you are, while you’re working on yourself. Try to make it a lifestyle and fit it into your life. Diets don’t work, 30 day challenges don’t work,detox teas, nor does herbalife.( OK, not saying they don’t work but once you stop, you gain it right back). So,  If you change your eating habits, workout more or even take walks. Shit, changing from the elevator to the stairs.These become routine and second nature, and simple lifestyle changes.


We are at the age where we should be eating right and becoming more active on a daily basis.

So, Stop worrying that you’re not fitting into your 11th grade skinny jeans . Be happy with your “ Grown Woman Weight” , eat right and take a walk during your lunch break. Small changes mean a lot but hating your image is just lame. IF NO ONE TOLD YOU , “BABY YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”.

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18 thoughts on “Beauty Has No Size!

  1. The reality is in the genes, lol. I didn’t get my womanhood weight until I was 24. I’m slim thick and my assets are down bottom. Which society makes a big deal of it. Jeans are not made for the variety of shapes of women. I just want to turn to the side and not look pregnant. Cthu, but I’m a woman and I’m cool with my little tummy pouch and love handles. Thank Esh

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    1. Girl, you the slim thick Bishes,,, I’m speaking of lol


  2. I love my Grown Woman Weight… Of course i could work out more and eat better. But overall i am happy in my skin 🙂


    1. As long as your happy in the skin your in!


  3. I’ve always been the “bigger” girl but, not until recently I saw a pic of me when I was slim and in my teens and I’m like who is that girl. I love my grown woman weight and he does too😘


    1. Yes, Hunni Embrace your figure!


  4. Omg I love this post…(didn’t know you even started a blog but Congrats girlie🤗) I’m not even 30 or have any children yet and have this mind set that I should be a certain size and have a certain shape. Thankfully I am becoming more aware of what I want to look like instead of how someone else thinks like should look … Big Beautiful & Blessed 💕


    1. Glad you found my blog and I hope you keep up with my post. Thanks BBB!


  5. Love love love this blog because Lord knows I can relate!! Thanks for sharing hun!


    1. Thanks for being first to comment and share… Love the support!


  6. I applaud you and your confidence in your “grown woman weight”. I agree that the media has warped the minds of so many and told us that we have to be a certain weight, otherwise we are told to be ashamed of accepting who we are. As we get older, it is important that we become more active to maintain and promote healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle but that has nothing to do with your weight. Everyone can’t be skinny but we can all be healthy. I appreciate your shout out of the man belly too.


    1. Always gotta give my fellas some love! Thanks for the comment.


  7. Yesss! This was well needed. After having my first child I couldn’t believe I was still in double digits. The sooner I embraced, the sooner I naturally started changing things that resulted in healthy weight loss. I still got the “grown woman weight”, but I’m cool with it now! Good read!


    1. Speak it into existence ! Change your mind set and heart and baby you can do anything!


  8. Sooooooo I liked it. But I don’t believe that if you were a size 22 (like myself) you wouldn’t worry about the reflecting image from the mirror as I do. But I get and I feel that we should be happy with our “grown woman weight” but it’s hard. It’s easy to say “work out” and you’ll see the lbs drop. Come watch my kid and I’m in the gym no problem. My point is, is that you get be upset with your size, just don’t obsess over it.


    1. I understand you fully. But what I’m stating is that while your working on your goal size, body or shape, you should love who you are. Just because you are bigger doesn’t mean that you can be big and fabulous! Keep ya self up while your working on your goals. Don’t give up on yourself ever. #SelfLove Trust It’s been plenty of times , I cried in the mirror or in the fitting room.


  9. I love my weight! I still try to loose a few pounds because I know what my man likes .. Idc if your small or thick be happy and confident in your weight.

    P.s. this is was a great read


  10. Lol adult weight… it but you’re right you should be happy in the skin you’re in. No matter the size but on the other hand when you look good you feel good. As you get older your body does go through changes and I can speak from personal experience with dealing with my weight going up in down from inconsistent workouts or bad dieting. I’m currently still fighting the good fight. I’m not out here trying to get a six pack nor lose a certain amount of weight to get to a particular size. I choose progression over perfection. Granted people should be comfortable in the skin they’re in regardless but I also think you should be conscious of your health as well. Being a bit more active along with adding more green and protein to your diet and I think you should be fine. I believe beauty…..true beauty has no shape or size and it far exceeds physical boundaries or comprehension. It’s more of a mental spiritual thing


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