What is so scary about turning 30 anyways?

        I remember planning my Dirty 30 birthday, the most horrifying part was coming into terms with actually being comfortable with telling people my age. It’s like we want to hold on to our 20s forever. Like, what about our 20s that was so fucking great that we feared becoming 30. Maybe I just fear growing older. Like who the fuck wants to be 50.Or the fact that I can no longer blame everything on being young and dumb. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s so much to look forward to in your 30s. You’re old enough to know what you’re doing but still young enough to make mistakes .No one understands this shit better than your 30 year old friends and people who pass the earlier stages of turning 30. Shit, I love being 30 but it took a year for me to feel this way.

First thing I did before turning 30 was Goolge. Like, come on we fucking Google every God damn thing. I was Googling shit like, bucket list, what to look forward to in my 30s, ordering planners and  time management shit on Pinterest. Because when you turn 30 you believe that now is the time to have your shit in order. Even the way you date changes, which I’m going to save for another post.  

Crazy thing is I’m 31 and I still don’t feel like I’ve fully hit adulthood yet. Yes, I’m a mother, I pay bills and go to work but I don’t feel like an adult. I use to look at older people like wow they have their shit all together. I don’t know maybe that happens in your mid 30s. In the career world you are still considered young, and it’s feels great to be called youngin in the office.

Truth be told the only reason , that I have life insurance is because it comes with my jobs benefits package. We’re not all grown up yet if we’re still struggling with keeping our credit up, paying half a bill but ensuring that our phone bill is paid, and calling our parents to get us out of a jam. ( I still don’t enjoy washing clothes). My point is, 30 isn’t so bad , we don’t have to believe that just because we turned 30 we are now these grown ups, that have to have all our shit in order. I believe 30 is the new 18 , you remember when you turned 18,  you believed that you  were grown and was shit scared of the responsibilities to come. Thanks to America for making 18 a responsible adults age and not allowing us to drink our troubles away, legally. At 18 everyone was questioning; what college were you going to,what would your major be, when are you getting your first apartment??? It’s like slow down! Just because I turned in “Milestone” age doesn’t mean that shit just magically appear!

According to my Facebook research most 30 year olds , are just going back to school, travelling and making career choice changes.So it’s safe to stay let’s make 40 the new 30 and give ourselves more years to figure this shit out. Sidebar, I’m dating a 37 year old man who still doesn’t know which direction to take in his life. At first, I was pissed off and was like “Grow the fuck up, but now I’m like baby, you have 3 more years. Now, if you’re 40 and still lost , I don’t know what to tell you. Like fuck we gave you 10 extra years.

I was talking mad shit about these damn young Millennials and come to find out the age ranges from ages 18-34. Fuck, I’m the dumb little shit I was talking about.

So can we agree that our 30s is the time to get into stable relationships, start making babies and commit to a career or mortgage? Can,we now unfasten our too small jeans and breath! Here’s to the “ we’re not truly lost, Millennials. 

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5 thoughts on “What is so scary about turning 30 anyways?

  1. Honestly…I always say I’m 30 when asked about my age not because I’m embarrassed to say 31 but because I truly think I’m still 30!!! Like i forget that I turned 31 and about to be 32 in a couple months…and I’m not going to correct myself and look stupid after I answered….”I’m 30….uuuhhh no wait I’m 31 I forgot”….see how stupid that sounds?!!!
    Hopefully when I turn 32 I can remember to say my correct age when asked lol


    1. LOL. It doesn’t go away. I’m 34 and I sometimes forget. My husband will be like “ahh, u do know how old you are, right?!” Lol. But, much like yourself, I don’t want to be like, “oh wait, I’m not 33 anymore.. I’m 34” ppl will really think I’m either delusional or I have issues about my age. Which I don’t. Your 30s are an amazing time, but I’m someone who hasn’t had any issues/hangups with my age. Not yet anyway.


  2. Turning 30

    What I like most about this blog is that it comes off so relatable and so unapologetically you. It doesn’t come off professional or as if you’re a know it all it’s just you. 100% natural flaws and all. You’re right as far as the general consensus feeling that at the age of 30 your life supposed to be in order. Priorities and goals set and or achieved. Career,salary etc but in reality life doesn’t work out that way sometimes(maybe on tv). As life goes on we constantly are learning and evolving. There’s no book on how to be the perfect person, perfect spouse or perfect parent. You take what you learned from your parents along with personal experiences as you get older and try to make it mesh as you figure out this thing called life. The beauty of trial and error with grace. I always wondered are we merely kids pretending to be adults. True with age comes wisdom but on the other hand you’re only as old as you feel


  3. Life has just begun for us. I look forward to the unlimited possibilities.

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  4. I’m so glad we share the same sentiment of looking for the more adulty adult in the room Lol 30 , in my opinion, is the beginning of your actual adult life. The 20’s are mostly built of self discovery and self actualization. Some what of a trial period

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