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This post is dedicated to my son, who has turned 11 years old today! Please don’t make this about me, No I don’t feel older; I had my son at a reasonable age. So we didn’t grow up together, well kinda. He enjoyed the best parts of my 20s as I did. Just know my son can chug a 24oz Can of Ice tea like no one has ever seen. Okay now back to the reason why this post is titled “Bad Mom”. So, like I stated before I’m a single (sexy ass, hot, etc you get the point) mom.

My son is getting taller and closer to puberty. So to avoid all the awkward ass conversations about why my dick is getting hard, what’s this white stuff and where do I put this… I decided to allow my son to watch “Big Mouth” with me. It’s a fucking hilarious show on Netflix. (We have a smart TV who the fuck needs cable). It’s a show about a brunch of tweenagers (yes, this is a word), who are  discovering their sexuality and the “Hormone Monster”. The shit is just inappropriately hilarious. There’s episodes called, “Ejaculation”,“Am I Gay?” and “Requiem for A Wet Dream”. Listen, single moms gotta do what they gotta do.

So as we are watching this show, I’m like, son, I’m open for any questions or concerns regarding anything you see on this show.

I thought this was a crazy idea at first but shit it’s working. It‘s a empathetic approach to the unpleasantness of adolescence, that I certainly don’t know how to explain.

I once asked my son if he knew where babies came from and he told me he knew this since he was 5 years old. Damn you, YouTube. So he continues to explain that the sperm comes from the man’s penis and enters the woman. So, I asked him how and he says through sex mom, duh. First, of all don’t duh me, I’m testing you and secondly what you know about sex? He replies I don’t know much but I know that’s where babies come from. So, I just added well the sperm is stored in the man’s balls, enter the woman and then swim to the egg. And this is why you should cover the penis, so we don’t bring any  God damn grand-babies here. I’m too pretty and young to be a fucking grandmother. Plus, I don’t like anyone you date.

Yes, I’m that mom, I hate your girlfriend and I haven’t even met her yet.


Fuck it; I’m a 2017 millennial bad mom!

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11 thoughts on “Bad Mom

  1. I think this approach (while is a bit out of the box) is a very bold move on your part. As a parent myself, raising young children in today’s society; we have to be in the know of what our children are being exposed to. I applaud you for your courage to not only sit and use this tool and as a means to educate your son but more importantly to have the approach of “preventing” instead of “reacting”. Our children now are being exposed to too many things way before their time and it is our duty as parents to educate them so they can properly know who to protect themselves because we cant shelter our children. We can only equip them with the tools and knowledge to be the best version of themselves they can out here in today’s society. Kudos “bad” Mom!


  2. I’ve never heard of this program (as I go on Netflix to find it) I’m going to check it out. My son is 13 so as a single parent I’m always open to different approaches.


    1. Some episodes are more appropriate and more acceptable than other ones watch it first and see which ones are suitable for you and your son

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  3. “Bad Mom”
    I think your doing the best you can do as a single mom with your son. Without a father being around you have to decide what’s best for him. Even though his father is not around it’s great that your not waiting around for your son to figure out things for himself. All that your doing for him now is going to pay off as he gets older. Your grooming him to be a responsible young man. Great job.


  4. You already know I think your a awesome mom and I myself look up to keep going your doing a great job👍🏼❤️😘


  5. I love it 😊 your a very good mom in this generation you have to explain the way they could understand because now a days this kids to and know way to much


  6. I am going to look at this show as I’ve never heard of it. I’m raising my niece who is autistic and 18. She’s at that point in her life where she has sexual feelings (she literally sexualize almost every emotion she feels) but don’t quite get the whole ordeal of having sex, the when, where, why and with who part of it) she just knows that she feels something and can’t express it enough to fulfill that feeling. I’ve tried to explain it to her and she just giggled as a young age kid would, probably because it was coming from me. She may be more acceptable and understanding of the information coming from a television show (prior to coming to live with me, television or YouTube was her primary source of information, whether it was good, bad or wrong information) and like you, I would be there to answer any questions she may have. I may be able to include my son in this adventure as well. Living in the house with my niece and her very inappropriate behavior and comments at times, at only 7 he is exposed to things that he doesn’t understand yet but should be properly informed about.


  7. You are doing a Great Job as a mother Esh… My oldest is about to be 12 and I’m not sure when would be the best time to have the sex talk with her … Her body hasn’t started to develop yet ( I’m happy about that) .
    She dont go anywhere outside of school … I’m not sure if she has been exposed to any sexual conversations in school yet .. Something I will ask her later .. I’m just not ready but I guess its better for her to know than to not know …


  8. Your a great mom Esh, and its hard put here for a single mom. You have to do what you have to do. Today’s society is crazy, our Kids are exposed to a lot everywhere, youtube, social media, billboards etc. We have to talk to our kids about sex and private parts early because if we don’t they will learn from their friends or from tv,and even the streets . My daughter is only 5 but I’m sure by age 7 I will have to have that talk with her 😓 love you keep up the good work

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